Saint Macrina the Younger, who lived in the 4th century, had a lot to say about a lot of things, including the intriguing comment that "the building of Greco-Roman automata is a pointer toward the existence of the soul and God". Whether true or not, in today's world her interests would inevitably be fully aligned with MIM's focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics and automation, which is why we adopted her name for our company.  With a deep understanding of the AI landscape, its history and - most important - where it is going, our Core Team is supported by excellent research and an Advisory Board of established figures in the AI and Robotics industries. And we see significant opportunity in this market...   

The Opportunity

The science of artificial intelligence was born at Dartmouth College in the US in 1956, but until recently it produced very few useful technologies. That changed in the early part of this decade when the statistical techniques of machine learning were successfully applied to AI – thanks to the ingenuity of researchers, and the availability of powerful computers and lakes of data.

The “big bang” moment came in 2012 when researchers in Toronto led by Geoff Hinton won an AI image recognition competition called ImageNet. Since then, technology giants in the USA and China have used AI – and in particular deep learning – to make their services like search, translate, and photo curation little short of miraculous. Initially, the new approach was furiously expensive, requiring access to vast amounts of data, enormous computer power, and top AI researchers to wrangle the algorithms.

From this start the technology is now fast becoming democratised, and businesses and consumers everywhere are scrambling to learn how they can deploy it themselves. CEOs are aware that if they do not adopt AI they are likely to fall behind their more nimble competitors, and they may even be disrupted out of existence by new entrants.

To mix metaphors from astrophysics and biology, there has been a big bang in AI and now there is a Cambrian explosion of technologies and companies. As the power of computers continues to double every eighteen months or so (Moore’s Law is morphing, not dying), the products and services which ingenious entrepreneurs are inventing are becoming exponentially more valuable. The challenge is how to best capture this value.  

Our Goals & Focus

While Macrina Investment Management was formed to build and capitalise on the considerable opportunities emerging in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics and similar technologies, our core driving principles are that these emerging technologies offer humanity considerable opportunity to improve quality of life, as well as find solutions to many of the current and future problems humanity faces. At the same time we are fully aware that these technologies also represent significant threats through the inevitable large scale economic and social changes they will induce.

With this firmly in mind, our goals are therefore to:

  1. Advise and guide our clients to achieving successful strategies and approaches in this and related fields
  2. Achieve operational and financial returns for our clients
  3. Maintain a clear vision of both responsibility and guidance as these technologies become ubiquitous within societies
  4. Work to influence the development of these technologies towards uses that are constructive to humanity

Our approach to meeting these objectives focus on:

  • Advising our clients on opportunities and best practice in the AI and Robotics sectors
  • Making effective and remunerative investments in the AI and Robotics space
  • Supporting and propagating specific views and approaches to this sector which are deemed to be value enhancing in the widest possible terms

To achieve this our services include:

  • Providing advice, opinion and consulting to this sector and to companies, governments or supra-national institutions with an appreciation of the changes AI and Robotics are bringing and will continue to bring
  • Management of dedicated investment vehicles targeting this sector, such as the Macrina One Fund
  • Supporting the exchange of ideas, entrepreneurship and policy developments in this sector

Our Approach

MIM's founders have spent many years helping clients to identify, evaluate and apply specific technologies to maximise shareholder value. Building on this consulting focused offering, we are now also establishing an investment vehicle to leverage our expertise and expand our reach.

The Macrina One Fund provides an innovative way for investors to benefit from established benchmarks in the AI and Robotics sector, while also benefiting from additional gains from our proprietary analysis, evaluation methods, and our understanding of the sector. While evaluating market strategies and deploying the most promising ones, we also devise new approaches by identifying the most game-changing technologies and creating synergistic benefits between the companies invested in.

The One Fund provides capital to enhance and ensure market penetration for our selected winners, while we continuously scan the horizon for opportunities from industry rationalisation, new initiatives and the flotation of selected targets. With a specific investment strategy, a strong and knowledgeable team, and excellent market presence and understanding, we believe we are in a privileged position to bring real value to the sector as a whole, and more specifically to those who wish to invest in this fascinating new and fast-evolving area.   

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