Macrina Investment Management

Macrina Investment Management

Investment Services: Service Lines

Investment Guidance


Advisory services focused on investment and post-investment returns realisation in AI and Robotics companies

Of interest to:

  • Private equity firms or fund managers with investments in the AI / Robotics sector needing to be managed, grown or exited
  • Investment firms looking to make specific investments in AI / Robotics companies or looking for investment opportunities
  • Support of management teams in growing AI / Robotics companies

Fund Management


Creation and operation of investment vehicles specifically targeting above benchmark returns from the AI and Robotics sectors.

Of interest to:

  • Fund managers requiring exposure to the AI / Robotics sector
  • High-net-worth individuals wishing to include AI / Robotics as part of their investment portfolios
  • Corporate investment units looking for investment targets

Specialist Situations


Provision of deep specialist knowledge and understanding to those investing in or involved with AI and Robotics.

Of interest to:

  • Investment or private equity firms needing to fully understand the AI / Robotics landscape, its dynamics, sub-sectors and related technologies and participants
  • AI / Robotics companies requiring market or competitor research
  • Research companies needing to create and publish AI / Robotics related research

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