Senior Management Team

Davide Ferrara - Managing Partner

Recognised as a tenacious leader with a flair for both efficiency and thought leadership, Davide gained his early financial experience in banking and derivatives trading, and then achieved considerable success in the venture capital world. He has spent the last 20 years advising clients on business strategy and technology adoption. As a Partner in CSC’s (now DXC) Banking & Capital Markets area he oversaw numerous technology-driven innovations and client engagements, building on his deep practical understanding of how to use technology to add value. He has established several strategic technology partnerships and advises a number of FinTechs. He holds several degrees, the last being an MSc in Finance from London Business School. He grew up in Europe, the US and Hong Kong, and has travelled widely and worked in each of these geographies.    

Calum Chace - Senior Partner & Chair of the Advisory Board

Calum is a best-selling writer and a respected authority on artificial intelligence. With a focus on the medium and long-term impact of AI on society and economic systems, his non-fiction books -- "The Economic Singularity" and "Surviving" -- are helping to set the context for much of the current discussion in this field. He is also the author of Pandora's Brain, a techno-thriller about the first super-intelligence. With a 30-year career in journalism and business, with hands-on roles in a variety of sectors, he maintains his interest in business by advising a selection of growing companies. Having also co-written "The Internet Startup Bible", a business best-seller published by Random House, he is ideally placed to identify and advise on companies in the AI and robotics space. With a degree in philosophy (PPE) from Oxford University, Calum heads up Macrina's Advisory Board, which works with Macrina's management in both strategic decisions as well as specific investment selections.

George Elia - Partner

George has worked in capital markets for many years, providing services to some of the world's largest financial

institutions, such as HSBC, RBS and LBG. Working in transformation, operations and technology has given him valuable insights into how technology is shaping the future of finance and economic endeavour. His experience with investments, and the operational integration of new technology has given him a very strong practical understanding of what it takes to be a winning company in today's markets. With a degree in electronic and electrical engineering, George has a keen interest in the development of artificial intelligence and robotics, and how they will shape our future.

Key Staff

Bob Riddler, Partner, Head of Consulting

A seasoned, experienced and entrepreneurial executive, Bob offers a wealth of expertise in financial services, technology consulting. With an admirable track record of delivering some of the largest and most complex change programmes in the IT industry, Bob offers in-depth and practical advisory, business and programme management experience. He has established, led and grown a number of business units and advisory practices for multinational Fortune 50 companies. Bob holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from The University of Edinburgh, is a graduate of The University of Oxford’s Fintech Programme and holds a Non-Executive Director Postgraduate Diploma. Bob is an investor and Independent Director for a number of tech/media start-up companies currently working their way through Series A fundraising.

Vladimir Daniel, Senior Associate

Vladimir is a Senior Associate with a background in corporate finance at EY and a more recent focus on independent consultancy and investment in the technology sector. He brings a broad range of experience across numerous engagements and offers a specialist skill-set in business strategy and finance. At Macrina, Vladimir focuses primarily on sourcing and analysing prospective companies which underlie our investment strategies, as well as carrying out broader market and client-related research. He holds a First Class BA (Hons) in History from the University of York and attained his Chartered Accountancy certification from ICAS with all first-time exam passes.

Szu Hill, Senior Associate, Head of Research

Szu has over 10 years' experience working in multinationals such as CSC and HP Enterprise. At CSC, Szu led the R&D function for the Solutions Development portfolio to bring Big Data Analytics and cybersecurity solutions to the market. Reporting to SVP/CTO level, she led the market, industry and ecosystem analysis for each offering, providing strategic direction for the organisation and its clients.    At HP Enterprise, she co-designed a cloud iPaaS in tandem with gaining an MSc in Systems Analysis & Design from City University London.
Recent experience include specialist research in AI & Blockchain to clients in FinTech and capital markets. 

The Advisory Board

Tristan Fletcher

Tristan's career has involved using AI as a management consultant,  trader in investment banks, portfolio manager in hedge funds, research  fellow in medicine and as an entrepreneur where he has co-founded  several tech companies. He has maintained a parallel career in academia, with masters degrees from Cambridge (Engineering)  and Sussex (Computer Science), a PhD from UCL (Machine Learning) and a  research fellowship from Imperial (Medicine). His main focuses currently  are his consultancy TSBF which specialises in applying AI methods to financial service organisations globally and  InformedActions which is bringing AI to social housing and palliative  care. He also supervises MSc and PhD students at UCL on a variety of AI  research projects, ranging from predicting fine wine prices to ambulance call outs in South Africa. 

Dr Daniel J. Hulme

Daniel is a respected and well known authority in the AI space, with a Masters and Doctorate in AI from UCL. He is the CEO of Satalia, a company providing unique AI technology to solve industry's most challenging problems. Daniel holds the post of Director of Business Analytics MSc at UCL and is a founding member of the IMPACT team at UCL. He is a Visiting Fellow of the Big Innovation Centre, holds an international Kauffman Global Entrepreneur Scholarship and is a serial presenter at TED Talks on AI and related areas, as well as being an advisor to the UK’s Home Office.  

Ian Merricks

Ian is Managing Partner at White Horse Capital, Founder and Chair of The Accelerator Network and an Investor at Communication Partners. As a serial entrepreneur with several successful exits, Ian is also an Advisory Board Member for the Cabinet Office’s Social Incubator Fund, on the Advisory Council for Dell’s Centre for Entrepreneurs as well as having participated in or directly advised several governments and companies. He writes a monthly column to an audience of 300,000 for, as well as acts as a judge and panel expert for several organisations. Management Today voted Ian as #32 in the Top 50 business commentators to follow on Twitter.  

Charles Radclyffe

Charles is the Senior Innovation Specialist at Deutsche Bank Labs, heading up emerging technology programmes. He is also a Visiting Industrial Fellow at the University of Bristol, supporting world-class Quantum Computing and Quantum Technologies research as part of the National Quantum Technology Programme. As a serial entrepreneur Charles has created and sold three businesses to date, as well as being a Founding Member & Mentor at Level39. With a Law degree from Cambridge, he is also an Associate Partner at Elixirr, a specialist AI and technology advisory company. Charles is also an experienced public speaker on topics relating to Quantum Computing, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence speaking at TED Talks and several other international conferences.  

Keith Saxton

Keith is an experienced executive leader with deep understanding of the Financial Services industry and the role that technology plays in developing and executing business strategy. He is an expert in how business risk can be changed and managed by technology and understands the risk and impact of emerging technology - a combination providing a unique perspective.  As an Independent Director & Advisor Keith engages with multiple organisations, from new entrants to large established players, helping with business strategy, technology imperatives, FinTech initiatives, and risk management. He holds numerous non-executive Advisory Board positions, helping firms leverage emerging technology for business impact and to address regulatory issues. Previously he was Director Financial Services IBM Research and held a number of industry focused leadership positions at a country, regional and global level. Before IBM Keith worked in the Financial Markets in the executive management of the front office of various major global banks covering trading, sales, capital markets, risk, and long term strategic business planning.  

Additional Members

MIM is currently in discussions with several other key potential members of the Advisory Board and will shortly be making further announcements in this respect, in line with the establishment of the Macrina One Fund.