Macrina Investment Management

Macrina Investment Management

Overview of Our Services

Advisory & Research Services


Through our network of industry participants and experts MIM is able to provide strategic advice on the AI and Robotics industry at both a wider strategic and a technology specific level generally.

With dedicated ongoing research, participation in several industry and government related forums MIM is well placed to analyse, support or advise on emerging trends and strategic direction.

This support can be in the form of:

  • Provision of specialist analysis, expertise and support to organisations wishing to adopt AI and Robotics technologies into their enterprises
  • Creation, design and management of projects relating to AI / Robotics adoption
  • Identification of “best-of-breed” AI / Robotics technologies, products and companies
  • Specialist and proprietary research

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Investment Services


By  being at the heart of what is happening in the AI and the Robotics sectors, MIM is also able to offer clients both general and specific investment guidance in the sector.

This can be in the form of supporting corporate venturing arms looking to find AI opportunities to integrate into their existing business, or in the form of return focused investments. 

The services MIM is able to provide include: 

  • Investment support services focused on target identification for technology fit / integration, or purely for returns realisation, in AI and Robotics companies
  • Provision of deep specialist knowledge and understanding to those investing in or involved with AI and Robotics
  • Creation and operation of investment vehicles specifically targeting above benchmark returns from the AI and Robotics sectors

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