Macrina Investment Management

Macrina Investment Management

Advisory Services: Service Lines

Sourcing of AI / Robotic opportunities


Identification of “best-of-breed” AI / Robotics technologies, products, companies and wider market trends and developments for integration into existing operations or direct investment.

Of interest to:

  • Corporate venturing arms looking to partner with or invest in companies with AI / Robotics technologies complimentary to their own offerings
  • Companies in the AI / Robotics space requiring competitive intelligence or market analysis

Research in AI / Robotics


Conducting tailored research on specific areas relating to AI / Robotics for private consumption or for publication to clients or a wider readership.

Of interest to:

  • Entities wishing to augment their internal research capabilities with specialist AI / Robotics expertise and knowledge
  • Companies requiring an independent analysis, due diligence or hypothesis testing as part of generating informed decisions and strategy

AI / Robotics Consulting


Provision of specialist analysis, expertise and support to organisations wishing to adopt AI and Robotics technologies into their enterprises or to better serve their client base.

Of interest to:  

  • Companies or other entities aiming to identify ways to rationalise operations or reduce costs through the adoption of AI / Robotics technologies
  • Companies looking to expand or leverage their existing client base through the introduction of new AI / Robotics based services and products
  • Governments or other organisations aiming to set or influence policy relating to the AI / Robotics indust

Project Management


Creation, design and management of projects relating to AI / Robotics adoption, including all aspects of project delivery, from resourcing to full delivery, leveraging our network of experts.

Of interest to:

  • Companies that have identified specific opportunities they wish to implement involving AI / Robotics but lack the specialist skills and approaches required
  • Companies in the AI / Robotics space that wish to extend their market presence or bring an AI / Robotics solution to market

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